Oy Veblen Glazer Ab
Oy Veblen Glazer Ab

Ventures, Holdings,
Extreme Circumstances

Transforming Businesses, Seizing Opportunities

Why engage us?

What is your extreme circumstance? It is likely we have already been there, seen that, and possibly done it. From epic failures to stunning successes, from ideas to hidden gems, we have wide first-hand experience in diverse and complex scenarios, strategies and outcomes. 

We differentiate from advisors and consultants by having actual first-hand experience ourselves, from the front lines. Our professionals are business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors themselves. With actual hits and misses in our history.

The more we accomplish over time, the humbler we get - because the projects we take on are seldom predictable and never easy. But we always give them our best, every time. Relentlessly. And that shows.

This is what we offer:

Experience, objectivity, flexibility, ethics and the uncomprimising drive to accomplish the optimal outcome for all parties. That is our promise. We vet and carefully select the cases and projects we engage in. If we sign up, it tells quite a lot.

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